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До 50 миллионов долларов доступно для проектов и предприятий


PFAN is now accepting applications from projects and businesses in low- and middle-income countries.

Sectors & Technologies

PFAN works with projects in a variety of sectors and technologies working towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.

       Agriculture & Agribusiness

       Biodiversity & Eco-system Services

       Clean Cooking

       Clean Technology

       Climate Change Adaptation

       Climate Resilience Infrastructure

       CoolingEnergy Efficiency & Demand Reduction

       Energy Storage & Conservation

       Renewable Energy

       Rural Electrification & Energy Access


       Urban Resilience

       Waste Treatment

       Water & Sanitation

Funding Information

       The investment amount, or investment ask, should lie between US$1 million and US$50 million. This may be disbursed in smaller tranches as requested.

       ONLY for energy access and rural electrification projects (clean cook stoves, solar home systems, mini grids) an exception is made, and the investment ask can lie between US$500,000 and US$50 million. This too may be disbursed in smaller tranches as requested.

Examples of Eligible Projects

       Projects and businesses which deploy clean and renewable energy and/or climate change technologies for productive uses;

       Greenfield and brownfield utility projects, independent power producer and distributed generation projects (for both thermal and electrical energy);

       Existing projects which are operating at small or pilot scale and which are ready for scale-up;

       Projects which increase access to energy for remote communities, including rural electrification, off-grid and mini-grid projects, thermal energy and clean cooking solutions;

       New or expanding business ventures in clean energy and related technologies, including downstream projects (focused on deployment of existing technologies) and upstream projects (focused on development and commercialisation of a new clean technology);

       Mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures, which will add value to an existing clean energy / technology business.

Eligibility Criteria

       PFAN accepts applications from projects and businesses in low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central, South and Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

       To be eligible for PFAN support, your project or business must:

       provide climate change adaptation benefits and/or

       offer or use clean energy technologies, products or services that fall within their areas of work.

Deadline: 31-Oct-21 For more information, visit https://pfan.net/eligibility-criteria/