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Гранты от Фонда дикой природы Диренпарк Амерсфорт


The Dierenpark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund is now open to support nature conservation and species preservation projects around the world.

The fund provides financial support to projects for endangered species, supporting research for veterinary medicine or helping to shelter animals.

Project Criteria

The project application includes a soundly based project description, a detailed budget as well as a summary of the applicant. In addition the project applications should meet the following:

       The project contributes to the conservation of an endangered species, among others by protecting the natural habitat and via local education programs

       The species addressed in this project are part of the animal collection in Amersfoort Zoo

       The application should clearly reflect the involvement of the local community

       The local involvement of NGO’s and /or universities in the implementation of the project should be clearly demonstrated in the application

Other Criteria

The application should preferably be submitted with the input from someone in the region where the project will be implemented

       The project applicant has good references

       The project uses a long term planning which ensures continuity.

For more information, visit https://wildlifefund.nl/en/submit-project/